How to Maintain and Season a Wooden Cutting Board

Jul 31st
Various types of wooden cutting board on a crate.

For most individuals, a chopping board is their longest serving kitchen utensil, though that longevity comes at a moderately low cost worth. Caring for a wood chopping board is definitely simpler than you assume: season usually and they are going to by no means warp or crack.

Below the precise care wood chopping boards’ age with grace, changing into extra stunning over time. You won’t assume that a mare slab of wooden would wish some stage of upkeep and maintenance, however let me guarantee you, your wood chopping board wants a lot of affection and care. The upkeep process doesn’t have to be a day by day affair, however as soon as each week ought to do exactly nice.

6 Picture Gallery: How to Maintain and Season a Wooden Cutting Board

You will want two supplies for this course of in addition to faucet water and lint-free microfiber fabric. These are oil and cream. You possibly can select the oil model that’s most preferable to you. For the cream, you may make your personal by mixing beeswax and oil or buy some out of your native retailer.

Wooden is of course very porous. Left by itself it’ll take in liquid from meals, switch colour and aroma, and slowly rot away. It’s tremendous vital to observe correct wooden chopping board care and guarantee it’s well-seasoned to keep tip-top chopping form.

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The aim of oiling cutting board is to stop the wooden from warping and micro organism build up inside it. Contemplating how type wood chopping board is to your knife blade and its skill to restrict bacterial progress, it positively wants some tender loving care.

Oil and water don’t combine. Making use of oil on chopping wooden protects it from moisture, stains and gradual decay. You need to solely use meals grade oil and keep away from vegetable oil –or no less than these extremely saturated with fat- as they are going to give your chopping board a rancid scent the longer the oil is uncovered to air.

Listed here are the very best varieties of oil appropriate for chopping wooden upkeep, beneficial by the consumersbase staff.

Mineral Oil

This meals grade oil is a non-drying and non-toxic petroleum product. Colorless, tasteless, and odorless, this product is an superior alternative for seasoning and maintaining wood kitchen utensils.

Fractionated Coconut oil

Regular coconut oil, like different vegetable oil that incorporates fats, finally will get rancid when uncovered to air for lengthy intervals of time. Fractionated coconut oil, nevertheless, has been stripped of the long-chain triglyceride (LCT), the wrongdoer chargeable for the scent, leaving a superior and secure oil that’s good for chopping board upkeep.

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Also called Brazil wax and “queen of waxes,” carnauba wax is prized for its shiny end and water-proof nature. Commercially made wood chopping board cream and oil usually mix carnauba, beeswax and mineral oil to give wooden a candy end and long-lasting moisture resistance.

After you’ve recognized the very best oil in your chopping board, it’s time to get to work.

Step 1: Wash

Fastidiously wash the chopping board with water and cleaning soap, and watch out not to overlook to clear the perimeters and the underside. You need to use a lint-free rag to take away something that’s caught to it. Washing the highest solely will solely injury the board as a result of when the moisture comes into contact with the grain, they react and causes ununiformed swellings on the floor of the board which can finally lead to warping. In the event you see a rocking chopping wood board, it’s the first signal that just one aspect was washed. After washing, completely dry the board with a cotton fabric and depart it to dry additional in a single day, standing on one of many edges in order that each giant faces are dealing with out.

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Step 2: The Oiling

The subsequent morning, ensure that the board is totally dry earlier than utilizing your palms to generously apply a beneficiant layer of your most popular oil to the highest, backside, sides and to any grip, groove or deal with on the board. Just remember to don’t depart puddles of oil on the board, as an alternative apply simply the correct amount to fully cowl the wooden with a fair oil coating. Similar to a co-worker affected by a hangover on a Monday morning, the wooden will want some hydration. Give the oil no less than three hours to soak into the wooden and keep in mind to depart it on its edges to dry, identical to you probably did earlier than.

Step 3: The Cream

After you might be certain that the oil has had sufficient time to soak into the grains of the wooden, now you can apply the cream. This needs to be performed instantly to the wooden and rigorously unfold via your complete floor of the wooden, making certain that you just smear to each nook and cranny. In case you do not need to get cream throughout your palms due to its greasy nature, you need to use a lint-free microfiber clothes to apply the cream. After getting ensured that the entire floor of the board is roofed by cream, you should have efficiently created a barrier that can be certain that your wood board stays moisturized till the subsequent oiling course of. You understand what to do, on its sides, giant surfaces out, and let it sit in a single day.

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Step 4: The Buff and Polish

Within the morning, use your clear lint-free microfiber fabric to gently use some strain to rub your wood board in round motions. Polish and buff till you might be fully happy together with your work. The tip outcome can be a glassy and stunning wood board. To check whether or not the barrier you’ve created if purposeful, you may pour a little purple wine on the floor of the board. The wine ought to pool on it moderately than soak into it.

Some folks oil as soon as a month, others twice or thrice a 12 months. The frequency at which you season relies on how usually you make use of your chopping board and some telltale indicators it’s time to accomplish that.

Right here’s how one can inform it’s time to season.

Eye testing

Take a couple of seconds to examine the floor of your chopping board, if there are seen patches of dry and moist, darkish and mild areas, then it’s time to give your chopping board some TLC.

Water drop check

Lay your board flat, dip your fingertips in water and sprinkle it on the board a couple of occasions. For the freshly seasoned chopping board, the water droplets will bead up then run off if you tilt the board. That’s a good signal nothing will penetrate it, even wine could have a onerous time soaking in.

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If the water droplets unfold out and hug the wooden or the board soaks up the water that’s a certain signal to re-season – and quickly.

Ultimately, the board’s skill to repel moisture will weaken below fixed use and the droplets will hug and even disappear into the board. At this level your board is craving a drink –any drink.

Odor and colour check

Whenever you choose up your dry chopping board, does it have a sturdy scent? Then it is best to take into account disinfecting earlier than you season it. If there are stains from meals coloring learn on, we’ll present you a easy and protected approach to take care of that.

You will get away with utilizing your naked palms no downside! For those that want to preserve their palms clear, a small bar towel or new paint brush (which needs to be reserved for the chopping board from now) is the way in which to go.

Right here’s the gist on how to keep your chopping board so it could final without end –or shut.

Clear the chopping board

Similar to I discussed above, put your chopping board within the sink and give it a thorough guide wash. Enable the water to run all around the prime, underside and the perimeters of the board. Don’t depart it in water for too lengthy and even take into account placing your chopping board in a dishwasher, it’ll take in water fairly fast and warp before it ought to.

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Wipe with a dry towel then depart it in a single day in a standing place for the water to dry out.

Oil the board

Once more, identical to the processes indicated above, apply a beneficiant quantity of oil on all aspect (ideally with a spoon). In case your oil has a onerous time operating you may oven warmth for a few seconds to get it loosened up and prepared to go.

For the primary time seasoning, it is best to intention to saturate the chopping board with oil. Use a lint-free piece of material or dish towel to rub the oil evenly on all elements of the board, making certain there is no such thing as a puddle of oil on any half. Some folks want to rub the towel alongside the grain whereas others rub in a round movement –the selection is yours.

Now depart it in a standing place like earlier than, this time for the chopping board to take in the oil.

Repeat the oiling Course of

Relying on how thirsty your chopping board was, it’d take 2-Three purposes for it to cease consuming up the oil –and say “thanks”. If there’s an excessive amount of oil the surplus will drip out if you let it stand for some hours, ideally in a single day.

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Dealing with stains, odor and reduce marks

If you need to take away meals stain out of your chopping board bleach is a dangerous thought. It finally ends up dehydrating the wooden in addition to killing its pure wood colour.

The best choice is lemon juice or white vinegar utilized instantly on the stains. The acid in these liquids are tender on the board fibers, neutralizes fat or natural supplies chargeable for the dangerous odor and leaves a good scent.

When reduce marks on the wooden begin getting deep, giving your board an uneven and tough look. You possibly can simply restore the fantastic thing about the board with the assistance of sandpaper and a little power alongside the grain. Use sandpaper that’s numbered 240 – 400. Sandpaper with larger grit worth leaves a smoother end. Blow off the mud and season if you’re performed.

Understanding when to hand over

Theoretically, should you adhere to a strict routine of usually oiling and seasoning your wood chopping board, this could give it a excellent probability of lasting for a lifetime. With a repetitive seasoning and sprucing course of, the wooden will look good for many years to come.

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Nonetheless, should you discover that some deep reduce marks are displaying up on the floor of your chopping board you may strive to sand out the deep ridges by completely operating sandpaper via your complete floor of the wooden, being cautious to even out areas that aren’t affected by the reduce marks. This may be a tedious and time-consuming process however the finish outcome can be a entire new life in your wood board. After the sanding course of, begin from the start of the cleansing to the seasoning process.

Typically, no matter how effectively you care for your board, it nonetheless warps. On this case, get a new one. Whenever you discover that the glued joints are failing or they’re growing some heavy cracks, dangerous micro organism from meals and thrive in such circumstances posing you to quite a few infections and ailments. You wouldn’t need that, would you? That is the time to begin searching for a new wood board.

In the event you lead to getting a model new board, there’s a huge assortment of wood chopping boards out there all over the place. Subsequently get one thing stunning. There are completely different types together with lengthy grain, finish grain, face grain, vertical grain, and sq. tiles, simply to point out a few. Store round and finds one which speaks to the chef in you. Sat the top of the day, it’s as a lot of an Artwork as it’s a instrument. And please, keep in mind to by no means put your chopping board into the dishwasher, you recognize higher than that.

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Every of the chopping board types refers to the route the grain seems in relation to the chopping floor of the board. Allow us to have a look at the three main types of wood chopping boards

1. Finish Grain Cutting Board

This board is taken into account the very best of all different chopping boards and have a butcher block look. The wooden making up this board is often joined collectively in order that the top grain is dealing with the work floor. You can examine the top grain board to bristles of a broom if you look straight on the backside. Slice down with a chef’s knife and the bristles transfer apart to let the item cross between them. Take away your knife and the bristles get again to their authentic place. Furthermore, the development of an finish grain chopping board reduces the potential for items splitting off because the wooden fibers face completely different instructions. This model usually costlier than the three different fashions.

2. Edge Grain Cutting Boards

Similar to the title suggests you can be chopping on the sting of the wooden. That is the most typical chopping board that you will see that in {most professional} kitchens and houses. They’re usually made utilizing plain sawn lumber, reduce into strips and these strips turned on their sides and glued collectively. The advantages of getting this model of chopping boards is that because the grain runs vertically, your chopping board can be extra secure because the largest actions of the wooden run tangentially, that means that it’s going to run throughout the grain. This model can be comparatively simpler to make as in contrast to the Finish grain and additionally fairly sturdy. This model may even be simpler in your knife as in contrast to the face grain chopping boards.

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3. Face Grain Cutting Boards

Once more, simply because the title suggests, when utilizing this board, you can be chopping on the face of the board. That is probably the most pure and stunning model among the many three however not quite common to most kitchens. The grain of this model run proper and left or horizontal to your chopping floor. The good thing about this wood board contains sturdiness and sturdiness as a result of the board has a onerous chopping floor. It additionally presents some very visually interesting design choices. It’s comprised of plain sawn lumber making it probably the most inexpensive possibility among the many three. Though the three, this model is the least forgiving on the blade of your knife, it’s nonetheless a significantly better possibility to plastic and glass.

The great thing about seasoning your wood chopping board is that it’s going to make it a lot simpler to clear so that you gained’t have to give it an aggressive wash to get flavors and stains out.

So, whether or not you might be restoring an previous chopping block or giving your new wood chopping board it’s very first seasoning, this straightforward to comply with oiling course of is a vital step in direction of sustaining a sanitary and beautiful chopping board that can final you effectively into the long run

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