6 Different Types of Lice (Plus Tips to Avoid Them)

Aug 2nd
Stainless lice comb and head lice and eggs.

The louse is the singular kind of lice and has over 5000 species of wingless bugs. They’re fully parasitic which implies that they reside as exterior brokers on warm-blooded hosts. These hosts can embody virtually each single species of mammals and birds.

The commonest habitats for lice embody feathers and hair of the host the place they feed on the host’s pores and skin, particles, blood, and different comparable secretions. An attention-grabbing characteristic of lice is that they spend their total life cycle on a single host and in addition release their eggs there solely. The primary cement their eggs on the host’s hair or feathers after which these eggs or nits hatch into nymphs. Earlier than rising totally the nits molt a minimum of 3 times. This complete course of takes about four weeks in complete.

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Lice even have historic items of proof hooked up to them and so they have been talked about in folktales since historical occasions. They have been truly omnipresent in human society until the daybreak of the Center Ages.

Lice infestation will be detected with the assistance of a number of common signs and signs. These embody:

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When speaking about head lice, specifically, they will trigger critical infestation when an individual comes into contact with lice or their eggs known as nits. Some of probably the most common ways via which they unfold and trigger infestation are:

Since lice infestation is definitely transmittable, this can be very necessary to take some effective measures for his or her prevention. When it comes to head lice, specifically, it is rather troublesome to stop their unfold as a result of most people are all the time in very shut bodily contact with one another.

So much of analysis has been carried out on the prevention of lice which has proven that there are a number of over-the-counter merchandise that one can use to cease their unfold. These principally embody plant oils like tea tree, rosemary and coconut oil.

Aside from utilizing these oils and different merchandise like anti-lice shampoos, one of the best ways to get rid of, and repel lice is to take a number of thorough steps.

There’s a selection of lice species which are recognized to infect mammals, birds, and human beings. There are some of the commonest and primary sorts.

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Scientific identify: Anoplura

Beforehand often known as Siphunculata, sucking louse or sucking lice consists of over 500 species that fall below the suborder class of monophyletic. That is described as a gaggle of organisms which are characterised by shared derived traits.

Sucking louse is a small, wingless flat kind of lice that lives on blood and the tissue fluids of mammals. That is accomplished by being an ectoparasite, or in different phrases, an exterior parasite. They’ve tremendous piercings and sucking mouthparts which permit them to do this.

They glue their nits or eggs to the host’s hair and infest them, particularly when there’s an absence of hygienic practices. They’ve lengthy, oval our bodies and in contrast to biting lice, they’ve barely smaller heads

Sucking louse makes use of their sharp, piercing mouthparts to suck the blood of their hosts. They do that by hanging on to a single strand of hair with the assistance of their giant claw that’s current on the finish of their legs.

Scientific identify: Mallophaga

These are significantly ectoparasites of birds and typically even mammals. They’re a suborder of life and are additionally referred to by different widespread names together with chewing lice and chook lice.

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Biting lice consist of greater than 3000 species, out of which 500 have been recorded in Britain and 700 in Europe. All of them are recognized for feeding on each wild and home animals and birds. Additionally they trigger an excellent deal of irritation to their hosts. Their scientific identify has been derived from Greek terminology the place mallos means ‘wool’ and phagein means ‘to eat’.

These lice are host particular which implies that they like sticking to just a few, explicit species of birds. This phenomenon has resulted in detailed evaluations of evolutionary relationships and classification of birds by most zoologists. It’s because there could also be birds on the market that share comparable species of life. Such birds are believed to be extra intently associated than one would assume.

The mouthparts of these lice are designed in a manner that they’re extremely tailored to chewing functions. They will simply munch on pores and skin excretions, pores and skin fragments, hair and chook feather. A couple of of the biting lice species additionally like feeding on host blood that comes from current wounds.

They’re wingless and have flattened our bodies, chewing mouthparts and broad heads. Their claws are extremely well-developed that assist them cling to their host. They do that by sticking their eggs to the host’s hair or feathers after which the eggs hatch when the temperatures are excessive sufficient. One of their key distinguishing options is their heads which are broader than their prothoraces.

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Scientific identify: Trichodectidae

These belong to the household of chewing lice and they’re generally parasitic on placental mammals. They’ve about 2900 species that consist of small and wingless bugs. These bugs have a flattened physique, chewing mouthparts and brief entrance legs with the assistance of which they transport meals assets to their mouth.

The colour of mammal chewing lice ranges from white to black and they’re sometimes 1mm to 5mm in size. They spend probably the most half of their life on the host’s hair of feathers; nonetheless, a selected genus of their species spends their lifecycle contained in the throat pouches of pelicans.

Mammal chewing lice belong to the Phthiraptera household and the important thing distinguishing characteristic of members of this household is the presence of solely a single antennal flagellomere in all males and just some females.

Since they’re parasitic on mammals, they feed on pores and skin particles, pores and skin secretions, fur, and dried blood. Though these lice aren’t bloodsuckers, they will find yourself inflicting a major quantity of discomfort. A couple of widespread signs of infestation attributable to mammal chewing lice embody loss of urge for food, extreme itching and decreased quantities of egg manufacturing within the fowl.

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Scientific identify: Pediculus humanus capitis

Because the identify suggests, these lice trigger a critical head lice infestation. They’re wingless bugs that solely feed on human blood and spend their total life cycle on the human scalp. They’re parasitic to people and people are the one recognized hosts of head lice.

Grownup head lice develop to a median of 2-Three mm in size and so they work by infesting the top and the neck. What they do is that they depart or connect their eggs on the decrease finish of their hair shaft. Since they can’t hop or fly, they merely crawl across the human head.

The infestation attributable to these head lice is referred to as ‘pediculosis’. This can be very contagious and may simply unfold when two individuals come into shut bodily contact with one another.  They don’t simply reside on the human hair however they will truly even be discovered on the eyelashes and eyebrows of individuals.

A couple of widespread signs of head lice infestation embody itching that’s attributable to an allergic response to the lice bites, issue in sleeping, excessive discomfort and irritability, sores on the top in consequence of incessant scratching and bacterial infections discovered on the pores and skin.

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Head lice are recognized by discovering a reside grownup louse or nymph on the hair or scalp of a person. Since they keep away from mild and transfer very quick, it may be fairly a problem to discover and catch them. If you’re unable to come throughout reside, crawling lice, one other manner to diagnose is b discovering their nits. The nits are sometimes firmly hooked up on the bottom of the hair shafts and are additionally usually seen close to the again of the neck and the hair behind the ears.

Remedy is a should for all these people who find themselves recognized with an lively head lice infestation. They need to get their heads checked totally and people who share beds are beneficial the prophylactic remedy. There are additionally some medicines out there that that kill the lice and in addition removes their eggs and nits from each the scalp and hair.

Scientific identify: Pediculus humanus humanus

These are bugs which are comparable to sesame seeds in dimension. They’re normally discovered dwelling in clothes and bedding supplies via which they journey to your pores and skin and feed in your blood. Some of the commonest areas on the physique that these lice infest are shoulders, waist, armpits and the neck.

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Body lice are bigger in dimension as in contrast to different sorts of lice and their quite a few species. They merely depart their eggs or nits in clothes and the pores and skin from the place they hatch into fully-grown lice.

Unclean clothes is one of the commonest causes of physique lice, coupled with unhygienic and crowded dwelling circumstances. The seams of the garments you put on are one of the commonest locations the place these physique lice lay their eggs. Some of the widespread indicators and signs of physique lice infestation embody purple marks or bumps on the pores and skin, rashes, allergic reactions on the pores and skin, intense itching, and darkened the pores and skin.

Though physique lice infestation doesn’t ever lead to detrimental results, if not cared for correctly, they may end up in critical issues. Some of these embody secondary pores and skin infections, the unfold of a number of bacterial illnesses, and modifications within the pores and skin like pores and skin thickening or discoloration.

Scientific identify: Pthirus pubis

Also called crabs or pubic lice, crab lice are small insect parasites that infest hair and pores and skin close to your genitals. They connect their eggs to these areas and depart them there to develop. Whereas they aren’t as harmful as they sound, they really infect tens of millions of individuals yearly. They solely feed on human blood and are mostly present in an individual’s pubic hair.

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Grownup crab lice are virtually 2 mm lengthy, however they’re a tad smaller than the physique and head lice. They’ve a very spherical physique that units them aside from different sorts of lice. One other key distinguishing characteristic of crab lice is that they’ve tremendous giant claws and their rearmost two pairs of legs are manner thicker as in contrast to their entrance legs.

Pubic lice, because the identify would possibly indicate, has nothing to do with cleanliness or hygiene. They’re truly unfold via intercourse during which they transfer from one individual’s pubic hair to the others’. It’s also possible to get pubic lice once you are available in shut bodily contact with an contaminated individual’s mattress, garments, or towel. So as to stop pubic lice, one should keep away from sharing clothes and bedding with somebody who’s already contaminated.


Lice, be it head lice, physique lice, or pubic, lice are extraordinarily irritating and in addition takes a toll on one’s hygiene and cleanliness. It’s of utmost significance to hold your self free and clear from lice always.

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