21 Different Types of Screwdrivers

Jul 27th
Reed and Prince screwdriver bit

The screwdriver is essentially the most generally used family device and the primary residence enchancment devices that youngsters are launched to. Though the device has a quite simple design and performance, selecting the right screwdriver is usually a bit of a chore since they’re dozens of varieties now obtainable out there.

The origin of screwdrivers dated again to the century when the instruments have been made to tighten the newly-invented screws in engines of battle and fits of armors. The screws throughout that point consisted of a pointy threaded needle with a slot reduce within the head for tightening. As screws developed, so did screwdrivers, as, with out the appropriate head, it might be nearly inconceivable to take away a particular kind of screw.

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Nonetheless, not many issues have modified concerning the screwdriver because the Center Ages and the one improvements prior to now a number of centuries have been within the materials used and the form of the drives and the deal with designs. Regardless of this (or perhaps, as a result of of this) the screwdriver stays one of crucial instruments within the manufacturing and residential enchancment trade.

Right here’s the whole lot you could learn about screwdrivers:

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Most of us have heard of a number of differing kinds of screwdrivers however in actuality, there’s a variety, containing dozens of totally different variations of drives, to select from. Listed below are some of essentially the most used varieties:

The slotted drivers, also referred to as the flat head, flat blade or straight drivers, are the oldest types of screwdrivers and are labored on screws with a easy slot spanning the width of the screw.

These blades are flat-planed and are available in several sizes to accommodate in screws of numerous sizes. Normally, you will note two sizes, the 5.5 mm and the eight mm screwdriver in your house device package. The slotted screwdriver additionally gave start to many various variations, which we are going to focus on under.

Top quality slotted screwdrivers have nearly parallel tapered suggestions that assist to grip the slot tightly and stop slippage. Care have to be utilized when utilizing this screwdriver as onerous strain could cause the screwdriver to slide and scratch the floor of the fabric or embed itself in your hand.

Cupboard makers desire to make use of slotted screws as they take delight in aligning the slots as much as make their work look actually neat.

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There are two fundamental classes of slotted screwdrivers:

The Phillips screwdriver is also referred to as a crosshead, as a result of of its cruciform head; nevertheless, superior high quality drivers, the tip is considerably rounded. These screwdrivers are made to suit into screw heads that are made within the West and don’t have sharp suggestions like slotted screws.

The Phillips screwdriver has an angled tip with thinner blades which implies you’ll be able to slot the motive force deeper into the screw head with out risking the motive force slipping out from the perimeters, as can occur with slotted drivers. This additionally means you’ll be able to exert a better torque on the screwdrivers. As a result of of this, Phillips screwdrivers are utilized in nearly each area and are essentially the most most well-liked form of drivers.

The Pozidriv is taken into account to be an upgraded model of the Phillips screwdriver and was made to cut back the danger of the drives camming out when excessive strain is utilized.

The Pozidriv is characterised by 4 shallow strains radiating from the middle. The tip is smaller and blunter than that of Phillips screwdriver and comprises ribs among the many blades. The elevated contact with the screw head means you’ll be able to apply extra turning power with out the hazard of the motive force slipping out.

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The Pozidriv system could be very environment friendly and is much less more likely to break the screw head or the tip when the right strain is utilized. These screwdrivers normally are available sizes from 1 to three.

These trademarked screwdrivers have been as soon as standard within the safety and manufacturing area however have now grow to be quite common in business fields as effectively.

The screwdriver contains a blade formed within the kind of a recessed six-pointed star however with the sharp angles rounded off. This improves the contact space between the screwdriver tip and the screw head and offers improved torque. As a result of of this, the screwdriver can stand up to most torque and doesn’t simply slip out or break.

Torque screwdrivers are available dimension starting from 0.03’’ to 0.81’’ and are designated kind T1 to T100 numbers. The most typical sizes used within the constructing are from T15 and T25.

Hex drivers have a hexagonal recess slightly than a blade and a tip, therefore the title hex drive. They’re also referred to as a hex key, hex socket or Allen wrench. It’s an uncommon hybrid kind of screwdrivers which is used to lock bolts slightly than screws. The straight deal with of the hex socket means you’ll be able to flip the bolt with little or no area required.

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The most typical use of hex drivers is bicycle upkeep in addition to assembling furnishings. Nonetheless, utilizing a T0-handle Allen wrench is a better option when doing these duties because it gives larger torque software than what comes with a slender screwdriver deal with.

Robertson screwdrivers, also referred to as sq. head drivers, are the least generally used screwdrivers. Nonetheless, it’s fairly standard in its nation of origin, Canada, and has a really excessive torque tolerance, which is even generally thought of to be the very best of all drivers.

Robertson drivers have a recessed sq. socket. Since there isn’t a tip, it’s extremely unlikely that the Robertson screwdriver falls out of the recess, which implies very excessive turning power could be utilized. In actual fact, it’s extra possible that the bolt will snap off earlier than the motive force slips.

The screwdriver is mostly used within the furnishings and automotive trade as a result of it is extremely sturdy. Though not present in primary residence device kits, they’re included in complete screwdriver units.

The tip of the Tri-wing drivers considerably resemble a pinwheel and is used to work screws which have triangular sockets with three wing extensions. Since these screws have such a singular slot, they’re inconceivable to take away with out tri-wing drivers.

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These drivers have been first manufactured for use in aerospace engineering however can now be simply present in residence electronics. Tri-wing drivers are costly and never as simply obtainable as different drivers. Nonetheless, their greatest profit is that they are often tightened to extraordinarily excessive torque values.

Tri-wing drivers are available sizes starting from 1 to three.

Also referred to as TAs, these tri-angle screwdrivers have a triangle formed tip for slotting into place on screw heads with triangular depressions. These drivers have been used within the toys, electronics and home equipment trade and have been added for elevated safety. Nonetheless, a hex screwdriver can even grip TA screws, so not many DIY kits include tri-angle drivers.

Also referred to as 3-prong or Y-tip drivers, the Tri-point driver contains a tip with three blades set at 120-degree angles, making a Y form. The screws made to work with these drivers are very fashionable within the digital trade and tech giants like Nintendo and Apple use them of their telephones, gaming programs, and different gadgets.

The tri-point drivers additionally deal with the safety points that include tri-angle drivers compatibility with the hex drivers. Tri-point screws can solely be labored with tri-point drivers.

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To not be confused with the British time period for a wrench, the spanner is also referred to as Snake-Eyes, pig-nose and drilled head driver. These unusual screwdrivers are outfitted with a two-prong tip — very like a barbecue fork — which is used to work flat-head screws with two tiny rounded depressions on both facet of the top, making it nearly inconceivable to take away with out a spanner.

Since they’re very safe, these screwdrivers are normally utilized by upkeep employees on bus terminals, elevators, restrooms, and subways. Spanners can be found in a dimension vary of four to 12.

Also referred to as a bow tie driver, these instruments are used to work screws which have a bow-tie-shaped slot. These screwdrivers are used all through the car trade and have been popularly utilized in previous GM autos.

A clutch screwdriver comes with improved torque and may stand up to the extra turning power; nevertheless, these varieties of screws may also be loosened and tightened with slotted drivers. There’s one other safety model which could be screwed by a slotted driver however can’t be loosened.

These varieties of screwdrivers are present in occasionally maintained locations like prisons.

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A bolster screwdriver consists of a sort of nut welded to the highest of the shaft beneath the deal with. If a screw is caught tight to a floor, you’ll be able to loosen it by placing additional torque by turning the welded nut with the assistance of a wrench. This implies this device is ready to stand up to most strain.

The Frearson driver, also referred to as the Reed and Prince, is sort of comparable in design to the Phillip screwdriver with some delicate adjustments. The tip of this screwdriver is provided with a pointy level, in contrast to the Phillip driver that has bluntly rounded factors. Furthermore, the angle of the tip is nearer to 45 levels than Phillip drivers.

The distinctive form permits the motive force to exert extra torque than a Phillips and to work on Frearson screws of all sizes in addition to a big quantity of Phillip screws.  As a result of of this, the screwdriver is used on nautical tools.

These screwdrivers have a cruciform form like Phillips however are singed to be proof against camming out. The JIS screws could be discovered on many high quality merchandise imported from Japan. Despite the fact that the JIS screws could be opened by Phillips and Frearson drivers, the method just isn’t straightforward and may injury or break up the top.

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JIS-compatible screws have a small dot close to the slot which distinguished them from different screws.

The above screwdrivers have been labeled primarily based on the screws they labored with; nevertheless, many of these additionally include variations in their handles and shank. The choice design helps to exert extra torque and provide higher clearance.

Listed below are some of the most well-liked types:

These screwdrivers are powered by electrical energy, which implies you don’t want to make use of your muscular tissues to use torque. They’re also referred to as energy screwdrivers and screw weapons and may simply and shortly work a screw, particularly these with damaged heads.

These screwdrivers are run with small batteries, which implies they arrive in compact designs. Though not as highly effective as different screwdrivers, they’ll simply slot in your device belt.

Corded screwdrivers include an electrical twine; nevertheless, they don’t seem to be very fashionable as they have to be tethered to a close-by energy supply. Nonetheless, they offer out a relentless energy provide and are extraordinarily environment friendly.

These screwdrivers are outfitted with a chargeable battery which implies they arrive with the advantages of each electrical and battery-powered screwdrivers. Sadly, that additionally makes them bulkier and heavier and because the battery cost wears down, they lose torque as effectively.

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Magnetic screwdrivers have a magnetic tip which holds the screw, permitting you to place in or pull out the screw with only one hand. Increasingly more guide screwdrivers at the moment are being constructed with magnetic suggestions.

Also referred to as watch or eyeglass driver, they’re precision gadgets that work tiny screws on pocket watches and eyeglasses. Jeweler’s screwdrivers are principally Phillips or slotted drivers.

A ratchet screwdriver permits you to apply torque solely in a single route. Turning it in the wrong way will permit the ratchet to disengage, permitting free rotation.

This lets you hold maintain of your screwdriver when you are turning it till your wrist reaches its most twist. You may then simply depart the motive force head within the screw after which as soon as your wrist is prepared, twist it again once more.

That is very helpful for tasks the place eradicating the screwdriver after which discovering the screw head once more is difficult.

The screwdriver is one of essentially the most generally discovered instruments internationally. Utilized in tasks each massive and small, it’s additionally fairly helpful. Should you’d wish to study extra about how the screwdriver’s historical past and the way it works, be sure that to learn some of the often requested questions listed under.

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We don’t truly know who invented the screwdriver. The primary screws and screwdrivers possible got here into being across the identical time within the first century AD. We do know, although, that the primary metallic carpenter’s brace (which is the predecessor to the screwdriver) dates again to 1744. We additionally know that the primary Phillips Head screwdriver solely dates again to the 1930s and was invented by Henry Phillips in america.

The reply to this query is a bit more sophisticated than you may assume. Given the sheer quantity of totally different fashions of screwdriver on the market, it’s nearly inconceivable to come back to any form of consensus reply. The reality is that almost all screwdriver handles are insulated, with typical industrial fashions insulated as much as one thousand volts. With that mentioned, it’s best to by no means belief {that a} screwdriver is definitely insulated till you’ve confirmed the actual fact with the producer.

A screwdriver is definitely one of the only instruments that has one of essentially the most distinctive features. The device is only a easy piece of metallic, normally hooked up to a deal with, that has a uniquely formed head. The consumer inserts the top of the screwdriver into the slots on the device and turns. The strong metallic building of the machine prevents it from bending or spinning, so the thing on the opposite finish strikes as a substitute.

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A screwdriver can most likely be used as a chisel in a pinch, however doing so just isn’t really useful. Not solely can utilizing a screwdriver as a chisel injury the screwdriver, however it’s very unsafe to take action. Bear in mind, a screwdriver just isn’t made to be hit towards an object repeatedly, so it might break or splinter upon repeated contact. As such, a screwdriver ought to solely be used as a chisel in an emergency.

Screwdrivers are usually sized by two elements – the width of the screwdriver’s head and the size of its shaft. Each the size and width can fluctuate wildly, with some screwdrivers solely being millimeters huge whereas others is perhaps nearly an inch huge. Screwdrivers are sized each in metric and imperial measurements, so it’s at all times good to try the size of the screw you’ll be utilizing earlier than making a purchase order.

You should purchase a screwdriver nearly anyplace. It’s typically a good suggestion to go to a ironmongery store of some form if you would like a screwdriver that can stand as much as repeated use, although. Uncommon sizes sometimes require going to {hardware} shops as effectively, although you’ll be able to sometimes decide up a superb starter package from any massive field retailer or from any on-line retailer.

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Magnetizing a screwdriver requires taking a number of steps. First, you’ll wish to make sure that your screwdriver is clear. Subsequent, you’ll must run a robust magnet from the underside of the screwdriver shaft to the highest. Do that a number of occasions, then rotate the screwdriver 1 / 4 flip. Proceed operating the magnet alongside the screwdriver till you’ve gone all the way in which across the device.

In all probability the most important factor that elements into shopping for a screwdriver is the worth. Low-cost screwdrivers from unknown manufacturers have issues with their suggestions which don’t match into any kind of screws correctly.

Low-cost screwdrivers may also be made of mushy materials that cracks simply below elevated torque. They’ll additionally injury the screw to the purpose that it turns into extraordinarily troublesome to take away it with out damaging the work floor.

When looking for screwdrivers, at all times be sure to purchase ones kind credible manufacturers. You also needs to take a number of screws you could work with with the intention to see if they’ll correctly match the screwdriver.

By no means buy screwdrivers which have suggestions that don’t precisely match the screws you plan to make use of.

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