13 Most Common Types of Moths (that can be a pest)

Jan 4th
Anatomy of a Moth

The phrase “moth” is probably going to attract a very hideous picture in your thoughts and also you in all probability may find yourself picturing drab brown, terrifying bugs. Nonetheless, what you don’t know is that these flying bugs have a lot extra to them than what usually meets the attention.

There’s a nice quantity of moth species discovered all around the world, and Britain alone is residence to some 2,500 stunning and wonderful species. All of them enormously fluctuate in measurement, coloration, habits, and traits.

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What’s vital to know right here is that they provide a plethora of key ecological advantages. Moths play an integral position within the wildlife ecosystem. They’re a important meals supply for a lot of different animals and so they typically additionally assist pollinate flowers. Additionally they assist us human beings by letting us know concerning the well being of the environment.

Though moths are seen all throughout the globe, and their species are present in nice abundance, listed below are some of probably the most beautiful and well-liked moths from all around the globe.

All sorts of bugs

Scientific identify: Actias luna

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That is a sort of moth with lime-green coloured wings and a white physique, and can also be also known as the American Moon Moth.  It belongs to the Saturniidae household, often known as saturniids. Luna moth can be present in jap Texas, central Florida, jap North Dakota, and Nova Scotia, west to Saskatchewan. It’s one of the most important moths in North America. These moths have a wingspan which is often 114 mm, however can lengthen to 178 mm as effectively.

The hind wings of Luna moth have lengthy curving tails and every of its wings consists of eyespots which have arcs of crimson, yellow, black, inexperienced, or blue. These eyespots are supposed to confuse attainable predators.

Scientific Title: Attacus atlas

That is an extremely giant saturniid moth that’s broadly prevalent within the forests of Asia. It’s one of the world’s largest moths primarily based on wing floor space. The wing measurement of an atlas moth measures between 9.Eight and 11.Eight inches, with the floor space extending to virtually 400 sq. cm.

Because it’s so giant, the Atlas Moth additionally weighs a lot greater than most different moths. Feminine atlas moths weigh round 28 grams, whereas males are 25 grams. These are moths are extremely distinguishable as a result of of their multicolored wings, nonetheless, one function that clearly units them aside from different moth species is that they don’t have a mouth.

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Their wings are a mixture of reddish brown and copper, typically with pink, purple, and white traces.

Scientific identify: Plodia interpunctella

This moth will get its identify from america the place it was found to be a meal pest that largely feeds on maize, or higher generally known as “Indian Corn.” It’s a pyraloid moth that belongs to the Pyralidae household.

The Indianmeal moth can also be identified by varied different names together with grain moth, weevil moth, flour moth, and pantry moth. It’s one of these moths which were present in each continent besides Antarctica. It’s present in nice abundance significantly in Florida, United States the place it thrives in tropical habitats.

Grownup Indian meal moths are about 8-10 mm in size and have a wingspan of 16-20 mm. Their forewings are often reddish brown in coloration, however can additionally sport shades of darkish grey and bronze.

Scientific identify: Lymantria dispar

The gypsy moth has a number of subspecies, specifically the European gypsy moth, Asian gypsy moth, and the Japanese gypsy moth. The wingspan of male gypsy moths ranges from 3-Four cm and for females it’s 5.6 to six.7 cm.

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The European gypsy moth is present in varied areas together with North Africa, Europe and western Asia. One of their key figuring out traits is that their winged females are flightless.

The Asian gypsy moth, however, is present in jap Asia and western North America. Its key function is the flying females which are interested in lights.

Lastly, the Japanese gypsy moth is present in the entire of Japan. The males of this species are pretty giant and sport a very darkish brown coloration.

Scientific identify: Plutella xylostella

This selection of moth is often known as ‘cabbage moth’ and is believed to have originated from Europe. They’re now additionally present in nice abundance in Europe, New Zealand, the Americas, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

These moths are thought of to be pests that feed on cruciferous crops. They’re small in measurement, and are usually grayish brown in coloration, however can typically sport a diamond-shaped cream coloured band, therefore the identify Diamondback moth.

The wingspan of diamondback moths is about 15 mm and the size of their physique is nearly 6 mm. They had been initially killed with the assistance of pesticides, however over time, they’ve developed fairly a resistance to the chemical compounds. This has resulted in new chemical and organic controls to kill these moths in different to stop them from inflicting additional harm.

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Scientific identify: Biston betularia

That is a night-flying moth and is most widespread in Eire and Britain. It’s also known as “Darwin’s moth” as a result of it’s one of one of the best examples of inhabitants genetics and pure choice, one of Darwin’s unbelievable theories.

Peppered moths get this distinctive identify from the truth that they’ve white our bodies with white speckles throughout their wings. They’re typically discovered resting on lichen-covered tree trunks and this black-white sample helps camouflage them in opposition to the bushes.

The wingspan of these moths is nearly 55 mm. They’ve a stout physique with very slim and elongated forewings. Peppered moths are additionally generally present in areas of China, Nepal, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and Europe, to call a few.

Scientific identify: Hyphantria cunea

That is an aesthetic pest that’s present in a quantity of decorative bushes in addition to totally different agricultural crops. They’re native to North America and now can additionally be present in Asia and Europe.

The wingspan of grownup fall webworm moths is roughly 30 mm, and they’re typically white in coloration, with dark-colored marks on their our bodies. These moths are sometimes confused with jap tent caterpillars; nonetheless, in contrast to the latter, these moths feed inside their tents with foliage current on the finish of the branches.

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They usually feed on quite a few tree and shrub species, however some of their extremely most well-liked host vegetation embrace candy gum, oak, pecan, willow, and mulberry. They’re often discovered dwelling in areas the place their favourite host bushes are current, in addition to in a selection of totally different landscapes and forests.

Scientific identify: Pyrrharctia Isabella

This sort of moth is often known as woolly worm, woolly bear, and banded woolly bear. They’re principally present in southern Canada and america.

The Isabella tiger moth is understood for its 13-segment larvae which are typically lined with brown hair down within the center. The anterior, nonetheless consists of black hair. The grownup moths of this species sport a boring yellowish coloration with strong and scaly thorices.

They’re additionally present in quite a few chilly areas together with the Arctic. The wingspan of these moths ranges from 4.5-6.5 cm and the wings are orange-yellowish in coloration with pointed and marked forewings.

The species of these moths is known as a “generalist feeder” which implies that they devour virtually every kind of plant species together with many herbs and bushes.

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Scientific identify: Antheraea yamamai

Often known as Japanese oak moth, this moth selection is endemic to East Asia, however can additionally be present in Europe to the place they’ve been imported over time for tussar silk manufacturing. Different areas embrace northeastern Italy, the Balkans, areas of Austria and southeastern Europe.

The Japanese silk moth has been cultivated in Japan for a very long time, primarily for its tremendous elastic and powerful white silk which is extraordinarily uncommon and costly in right now’s occasions. They’re present in nice many colours together with bronze, chocolate brown, brownish gray, chromium yellow, and khaki.

The wingspan of these moths ranges from 110 – 150 millimeters and they’re typically marked and coloured. One of their key distinguishing options is an elongated strong black spot current on their hind wing eye spot.

Scientific identify: Cydia pomonella

These moths are popularly generally known as main pests to agricultural crops, particularly fruits together with pears and apples. They’re nice harmful pests that had been first launched to Europe by the settlers.

An attention-grabbing reality concerning the codling moths is that their larvae are unable to feed on leaves, which is the first cause why their species are extremely depending on fruits. They assault fruits and forestall them from rising, which is what results in untimely ripening of the fruits.

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After being launched to Europe, the codling moths grew to become widespread in a quantity of different areas together with islands within the Pacific, Asia, Australia, Africa, and South and North America. They aren’t very giant in measurement and so they usually develop as much as a mean size of 10 mm whereas their wingspan is nearly 20 mm.

Scientific identify: Galleria mellonella

This moth is often known as honeycomb moth and it belongs to the Pyralidae household, similar because the Indianmeal moth. It’s distributed all internationally and is actually discovered all over the place.  It will get its different widespread identify, that’s, honeycomb moth as a consequence of the truth that it does parasitization of honeybees and hives. That is a course of that entails one organism dwelling in or on one other organism.

The better wax moths had been first recognized as pests in Asia, after which their inhabitants unfold throughout New Zealand, some elements of Europe, northern America, and Nice Britain. Though this species is distributed throughout the globe, they’ve reported in nice abundance in ten European international locations, twenty seven African international locations, 5 island international locations, 9 Asian counties and three Latin American international locations.

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Since they price such large financial losses particularly in areas the place beekeeping is practiced, the necessity for extreme management strategies and chemical fugants have been on a nice rise.

Scientific name: Hypercompe scribonia

Often known as eyed tiger moth, the large leopard moth belongs to the Erebidae household. This species is broadly discovered all through North America to Southern Ontario and additional in Panama, Mexico, and Japanese United States.

The wingspan of these moths goes as much as 76 mm and so they sport a vibrant white coloration with a mixture of hole and strong neat, black blotches. The stomach is coloured darkish blue with orange markings and the legs are black in coloration with white bands.

The grownup male big leopard moths develop to a mean size of 51 mm whereas their feminine counterparts develop as much as 30 mm. An attention-grabbing about this moth species is that their mating periods are exceptionally lengthy and can final for 24 hours or much more.

Scientific identify: Epiphyas postvittana

This is named a leaf-roller moth and belongs to the Tortricidae household. It’s a particularly polyphagous insect and is understood to significantly assault fruits reminiscent of apples.

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The inhabitants of gentle brown apple moths is actually restricted in america; nonetheless, they nonetheless pose a nice menace to agricultural and ecological programs.

The grownup males of these species are sometimes confused with different leaf curler moths, significantly as a consequence of their various colours. The males have a forewing that grows to a mean of 6-10 mm in size that’s often a gentle brown coloration. The feminine grownup moths, however, have a forewing size of 7-13 mm and their forewings have darker coloured ideas with indirect markings.

Fascinatingly, the sunshine brown apple moth is kind of well-liked for its feeding habits and is understood to feed on roughly 123 dicotyledonous plant species. Out of these, 22 are native to Australia.

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