10 Different Types of Coleus Flowers

Aug 10th
Black dragon; a cultivar of the Coleus plant

advicecenter/annuals/coleus/coleus%3A-colorful-leafy-and-luxurious/article10411″>Coleus blumei are tropical vegetation which might be primarily grown for his or her leaves. These vegetation are straightforward to develop are have very colourful leaves. They’re a very talked-about selection for a lot of areas, being the middle of consideration as a result of lovely foliage. These are annual vegetation and would not have the flexibility to tolerate even the slightest of frost.

The leaves of the Coleus vegetation are artistically wild and have distinct patterns. They’ve all kinds of colours starting from purple and crimson to pink and yellow. The leaves vary from 1 to six inches lengthy and are available many various styles and sizes. The stems of this plant are distinctive and semi-succulent. The USDA hardiness zone for this plant is 10. These can develop from 6 inches to 3.5 feet relying on the cultivar and are 1 to three toes broad. Full solar publicity is right for the expansion of these vegetation. Coleus vegetation bloom at any time of the 12 months and whitish-blue flowers might be seen. Vegetation which might be propagated by reducing don’t often flower fairly often. These vegetation should not poisonous to people however generally individuals can get minor pores and skin rashes as a result of sap. The important oils extracted from this plant are hazardous to the well being of animals like canines and cats.

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Coleus vegetation must be seeded indoors round Eight to 12 weeks earlier than the final frost date. Transplants must be planted after there isn’t any hazard of frost as a result of these vegetation won’t be able to tolerate it. The soil must be heat sufficient at 60 levels for ideally suited development. Full sun is right for the expansion of this plant, alongside afternoon dappled shade. The lighter coloured leaf varieties can deal with lesser daylight than the darker ones. An space with lesser wind must be chosen for rising these vegetation primarily as a result of the stems are weak and are thus susceptible to breakage. These vegetation ought to ideally be grown in fertile and rich soil. Coleus might be added to borders and beds and so they can look actually lovely as a result of they’re so colourful.

These vegetation must be taken care of by usually sustaining their dimension and form by trimming the information. The flower spikes must be picked out earlier than they develop too lengthy. Common fertilizing is required each 2 weeks to advertise the wholesome development of these vegetation. The fertilizer used must be a liquid fertilizer or one that’s water-soluble. These vegetation want common watering however further care must be taken about the truth that the soil shouldn’t be over damp, as it will probably hurt the vegetation and curb their development. Self-watering containers are perfect for these vegetation. Particular care must be taken about the truth that these vegetation don’t get contaminated by spider mites and bugs. Deer can even assault these vegetation inflicting extreme harm.

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There are numerous differing kinds of Coleus vegetation. Some of the preferred ones are mentioned beneath.

This cultivar grows as much as a peak of ing/top-10-lists-for-gardeners/top-10-colorful-coleus-favorites/?1″>12 to 24 inches. It blooms very closely and really rapidly. The flower colours of this cultivar are child blue and purple and it attracts hummingbirds. The species identify for this plant is Plectranthus scutellarioides. Half solar or excessive shade is right for the expansion of this selection. Effectively-drained soil ensures wholesome development of this plant, however care must be taken that the soil shouldn’t be soggy. Common fertilizing is required. These must be spaced Eight to 15 inches aside in backyard beds and baskets. The inexperienced leaves are frilly and slim and are darkish purple and yellow on the edges. It’s hardy in USDA zone 11. This cultivar is comparatively an older one as in comparison with the others.

This selection can develop as much as a peak of three toes and is characterised by upright development. It doesn’t develop very broad. It’s hardy in zones 10 and 11. Half shade is right for the expansion of this cultivar. Spring and summer season are the blooming seasons for this plant. The leaves are of hanging inexperienced coloration and have slight burgundy variations. The plant is warmth tolerant and is an award winner. It attracts birds and hummingbirds and on the identical time is deer resistant. This annual plant doesn’t require common upkeep. The leaves are very lovely and look higher with out the flowers, which is why the flowers might be pinched off as per the proprietor’s want. This cultivar has common water necessities. It’s extremely adaptable as a home plant and doesn’t want deadheading. Though these vegetation should not bothered by ailments and pests, they have to be protected against aphids and different bugs.

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This cultivar is a colourful variation of coleus; it has many various colours and so they all come as a shock. This cultivar is 10 inches tall and may unfold 10 to 14 inches broad. These develop very quick and seeding ought to ideally be began indoors. Half solar or full shade, each are perfect for the expansion of this plant. This annual plant has decorative makes use of like it may be utilized in beds and containers. The big leaves are heart-shaped and provides a really lovely look as a result of vibrant colours. Moist soil can guarantee wholesome development of this cultivar. These vegetation don’t want pinching. The blooms oftentimes entice hummingbirds and butterflies and are primarily used as container vegetation.

The scientific identify for this cultivar is Solenostemon scutellarioides. It grows as much as a peak of 2 toes and is 2 toes broad. They’ve a burgundy coloration and are barely golden in the direction of the middle. These give shades of copper from afar. These vegetation are upright and mounded and are comparatively low upkeep vegetation. These vegetation can tolerate warmth effectively. They’ve medium water necessities and have to be fertilized as soon as each two weeks. This cultivar is greatest for landscaping are massive pot applications. In excessive warmth, these vegetation want common watering. The soil surface must be stored barely damp however in case of further sogginess, the plant can get spoilt. They’ve a really quick development price and the flowers are white in coloration. The common propagation time for these vegetation is three weeks.

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The scientific identify for this cultivar is Plectranthus scutellarioides. This can be a low rising cultivar and thrives within the solar. The foliage coloration is a hanging crimson with the margins of crimson coloration. The perimeters are inexperienced in coloration. It’s good for borders, beds and window containers. These are annual vegetation and must be grown in locations which might be frost-free. Partial shade or partial solar is right for his or her development. These vegetation want watering at common intervals. In intervals of excessive heating, they want extra watering. It has a comparatively very quick development price. Moist and well-drained soil ensures that this plant grows to be wholesome. For dense new development, the stems must be barely pinched within the center of the season. They develop to a peak of ursery-12120004/Plant/13066/Trailing_Plum_Coleus”>10 inches and must be spaced at 20 inches in order that they will develop effectively. The flowers and the fruit are each not important ornamentally. It has an upright development behavior and is a low upkeep plant. It’s deer resistant. This plant can be utilized as a container plant or for hanging baskets. Normal backyard utilization can also be doable. This plant requires common fertilizing.

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This cultivar grows to a peak of 12 inches and is comparatively smaller in dimension in comparison with the remaining of the Coleus vegetation. The seeds for this plant must be sown round 10 to 12 weeks earlier than the final spring frost. Its scientific identify is Solenostemon scutellarioides and the widespread identify for this plant is Pack Coleus. This heat-tolerant plant has very colourful foliage and has medium water necessities. These vegetation ought to ideally be spaced 10 to 14 inches aside. Partial solar or shade ensures wholesome development of this plant. The plug crop time is 5 to six weeks roughly. The leaves of this cultivar have a really uncommon texture and are deep crimson in coloration with the perimeters being purplish-black in coloration. These vegetation have the behavior of rising upright. This cultivar can tolerate air pollution and appears nice in metropolis gardens. The USDA hardiness zones for this plant are 2 to 10. The blooming season for this plant is mid to late summer season. The colour of this plant stays brilliant all 12 months spherical.


This plant grows as much as a peak of 12 to 16 inches. The leaves are neon-colored and glow in shady spots or containers. These lime inexperienced leaves look very beautiful when paired with purple flowers. This cultivar is easy to grow and grows very effectively in shaded borders. The biggest leaf of this cultivar can develop as much as 8.5 inches lengthy and might be 6 inches broad. These vegetation look nice when put to panorama makes use of. When rising this plant, the seed must be barely pressed on the soil floor. It shouldn’t be coated in order that it will get adequate gentle for correct germination. It must be sown thinly. Effectively-drained soil is right for the expansion of this cultivar. It’s often illness and pest free. Full solar could make this plant develop very wholesome.

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The leaf colours are mushy apricot-like. The leaves are bigger than the remaining of the cultivars. This plant grows as much as a peak of 30 inches and is simply as broad. This annual plant has pointy leaves which might be gentle inexperienced and have pinkish veins.  This can be a low-maintenance plant and the flowers might be pinched off as they seem. It’s deer resistant and doesn’t have any damaging traits. It may be used very effectively for border edging and basic backyard use. This plant can’t tolerate frost and grows very quick if the situations are ideally suited. It’s not native to North America. Its development in nature is upright. It has common water necessities and will ideally be given fertilizer as soon as each two weeks. The leaves of this cultivar have distinctive patterns. The plug crop time for this plant is roughly 6 weeks. The widespread identify for this cultivar is Premium Shade Coleus and the scientific identify is Solenostemon scutellarioides.

This cultivar is a 30 to 48-inch tall plant that glows. The scientific identify for this cultivar is Solenostemon scuttelarriodes. That is an annual plant that’s grown for its massive upright leaves. The leaves are of a rust coloration with a tinge of gold. This must be planted after frost. Within the preliminary six weeks, this plant has larger water necessities. It must be watered twice per week for the primary six weeks after which it must be watered weekly, particularly within the dry climate. This doesn’t want fertilizer. This cultivar seems to be greatest in backyard beds and flower pots and wishes full solar to develop effectively. This perennial plant is deer resistant and may tolerate humidity effectively. The USDA hardiness zones for this plant are 10 and 11. The bloom coloration is gentle blue or lavender.

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The species identify for this cultivar is Plectranthus scutellarioides. Heat temperature is right for the expansion of this plant. This perennial can’t tolerate frost. The coleus leaves of this cultivar are orange in coloration with yellow edges. They’ve a bushy development and want good air circulation for wholesome development. This plant is often known as Klondike. It wants common watering however particular care must be taken about the truth that this plant doesn’t get soggy. It must be fertilized usually. This can be a shade-loving plant.


Coleus flowers are a very talked-about selection within the USA. They’re primarily used for the colourful foliage which is so pleasing to the attention. The fruits and flowers of this plant bear no decorative significance.

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