10 Different Types of Acacia Wood

Aug 3rd
Acacia wood kitchen fixtures

Acacia is a bunch of over 1,200 timber and shrub species that’s native to Australia and Africa however can be grown in some elements of Asia, North America, and the Pacific Island.

The Acacia timber are additionally recognized by a number of different names just like the wattle and Asian walnut. The wooden of the tree is characterised by open and broad modulating grains with distinctive knots. The wooden is proof against mould, water, and fireplace.

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The acacia tree is believed to be round for over 20 million years as scientists have discovered fossilized charcoal deposits which appear to have acacia timber preserved in them. The charcoal signifies that the wooden of the tree is fireplace resistant and the timber began propagating in Australia in periods of drought and fires.

The acacia tree can be talked about within the Ebook of Exodus the place it’s implied the wooden of the tree was used to assemble the Tabernacle and Ark of Covenant because it was thought of to be nearly unimaginable to destroy.

As talked about above, there are a whole lot of species of acacia. On this article, we are going to checklist the most typical sort of acacia wooden, which is at the moment being utilized in carpentry and the house enchancment business.

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Frequent Title: Hawaiian koa

Native Space: Hawaii

Tree Measurement: 65-100 ft tall

Acacia koa is one of the most costly and most coveted woods on the earth. It’s one of the toughest home varieties of wooden with a Janka hardness of 1,790. That is a lot more durable than maple, one of the toughest varieties, which stands at 1,450.

Acacia koa has a rough, broad-grained sample with that appears wavy or turns at 90 levels. It has a gorgeous colour which is analogous to mahogany and options reddish brown, amber and medium gold tones. Most koa wooden is combined with a mix of these colours in an undulating ribbon formation.

The interlocked, curly sample of the grain might be tough to chop with out damaging the wooden, however when completed, command a excessive prize by specialty woodcrafters. Though you will have to provide particular order to get hardwood flooring for koa, you’ll find a lot of beautiful furnishings constructed from this wooden. The wooden stain and finishes effectively

In Hawaii, the locals make homes, canoes, and oars from the koa tree. Different frequent makes use of of the wooden embody crafting of musical devices like guitars and specialty carvings and bowls.

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Frequent Title: Australian Blackwood, acacia Blackwood, Tasmanian Blackwood

Native Space: South Jap Australia and Tasmania

Tree Measurement: 65-100 ft tall

The AustralianBlackwood is taken into account to be a less-expensive different to the Hawaiian koa. In contrast to what its title signifies, it’s not a darkish coloured wooden.

The colour of Acacia melanoxylon varies so much and might vary from medium gold to a reddish brown tone, that’s much like the koa. The expansion rings are marked by contrasting rings of colours and boards constructed from the wooden have ribbon-like streaks of colour.

The Australian Blackwood ranks at 1,160 on the Janka scale and has wavy or straight grain that has few interlocking patterns.

Though the wooden can resist decay, it’s susceptible to insect assault and isn’t applicable for outside use and not using a sealant. The wooden turns, stains, finishes and glues effectively and is popularly used to make furnishings, veneers, cupboards, gun shares, and specialty picket objects.

Frequent Title: Raspberry jam, jam wattle

Native Space: Western Australia

Tree Measurement: 10-23 ft tall

Acacia Acuminata is named raspberry jam as a result of the robust perfume of its freshly lower wooden resembles raspberry jam.

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The heartwood of acacia acuminate is a gorgeous reddish-brown in colour whereas its sapwood is a lighter yellow. Raspberry jam acacia has a Janka hardness of 3,100 which makes it a really onerous wooden. The grain is okay and uniform throughout.

This wooden is usually used to create fence posts, shelterbelts, shades, turned objects, and specialty picket objects.

Frequent Title: Earpod wattle, auri, earleaf acacia, northern black wattle

Native Space: Australia, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia

Tree Measurement: 95 ft

Acacia Auriculiformis can be known as earpod wattles as a result of of the ear-shaped pods that develop on it. The tree is of medium measurement and medium power.

The heartwood of earpod wattle is mild brown to darkish purple in colour and incorporates a comparatively sturdy and straight and effective grain with a horny determine. The wooden finishes effectively and is usually used within the making of toys, cash, carom, chess items, and handicrafts. It is usually used to make some varieties of furnishings, instruments handles, and joinery and can also be utilized in building work if thick timber can be found.

Most of all, although, earpod wattle is used to make paper pulp.

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Frequent Title: hickory wattle, mangium, forest mangrove, black wattle

Native Space: Northeastern Queensland, Papua, Western Province of Papau, Jap Maluku Islands

Tree Measurement: 65 to 98 ft

Acacia Mangium has a heartwood that includes a shimmery brownish-yellow colour and is of medium texture with a close-grain sample. It has a Janka hardness of 1,110 lbf that makes it appropriate for a variety of dwelling enchancment initiatives.

Because the wooden could be very onerous, heavy and powerful and proof against warping and cracking, it may be dried to make flooring, doorways, home windows and furnishings. After sharpening, the timber turns into tremendous clean and shiny which is why it’s exported to make parquet flooring tiles and different specialty works.

Frequent Title: Bailey’s acacia, Cootamundra wattle

Native Space: Southern New South Wales in Australia, naturalized in Victoria

Tree Measurement: 20 to 30 ft tall

Bailey’s acacia or the Cootamundra is a small tree which is prized for decorative functions in a number of elements of Australia.

This small tree has many makes use of and is usually used to revitalize areas reminiscent of highway verge and mines. Australian aborigines used the wooden to construct shields, spears and different weapons.

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Frequent Title: Stinking wattle, purple gidgee

Native Space: Australia

Tree Measurement: 20 to 40 ft tall

Acacia Cambagei has a heartwood which ranges in colour from a medium to a wealthy darkish reddish brown colour with deep chocolate brown streaks. The sapwood is significantly lighter with a definite yellow colour.

With a Janka hardness of 4,270 lbf, the timber is extraordinarily onerous and heavy and close-grained. It additionally steadily options an interlocking sample and typically a curly figuring referred to as “ringed gidgee.”  The wooden is proof against termites and different bugs and is popularly used to make fence posts. It additionally is a superb supply of gasoline and charcoal because it burns with an intense coronary heart and produces excessive ash content material.

Frequent Title: Waddywood, waddi

Native Space:Central Australia

Tree Measurement: 49 to 59 ft tall

Acacia peuce has heartwood of deep purplish-brown with darkish, nearly black streaks. It’s sharply demarked kind its sapwood which incorporates a mild yellow colour. The grain of Acacia peuce is kind of uniform and straight and the wooden boasts a medium texture.

Because it has a Janka hardness of 4,630 lbf, the wooden is extraordinarily onerous and tough to chop with hand or machine instruments. Nonetheless, the ultimate product is completed effectively and is extraordinarily sturdy.

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Acacia peuce is used to make fence posts, turned objects, carving and different small ornamental gadgets. Aboriginal Australians use its wooden to make golf equipment known as waddi.

Frequent Title: Silver wattle, blue wattle, mimosa

Native Space:New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, the Australian Capital Territory

Tree Measurement:As much as 100 ft tall

Acacia dealbata is one of the bigger species of acacia timber and has received an Award of Backyard Advantage from the Royal Horticultural Society.

The wooden of the tree has a particular and delightful mild golden-brown honey colour to a pinkish tint, which options an excellent, porous texture and straight grain. The sawn timber typically incorporates a hanging striped sample, due to its distinctive development rings. It typically reveals distinctive figures like tiger stripes and birdseye.

The wooden is of medium density and might be labored simply by hand or machine. It may be sawed, bored and lower into aircraft boards with out damaging the wooden. It is strongly recommended that you just pre-drill the wooden earlier than nailing.

Silver wattle is one of probably the most most popular woods by furnishings designers and inside decorators, since it’s used as a substitute for the Blackwood. The wooden bends simply and glues and finishes effectively. When polished, it shows a lustrous and clean floor.

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The wooden is an effective alternative for inside functions, together with decorations, furnishings and even architectural and structural work.

Frequent Title: Umbrella thorn acacia

Native Space:Savannah and sahel of Africa, together with Sudan and Somalia

Tree Measurement:Up to 69 ft tall

Also referred to as e-newcrop/duke_energy/Acacia_tortilis”>Vachellia tortilis, the tree kind a cover that’s formed like an umbrella. It’s one of the few timber species of the Arabian Desert and is believed to be the one which was used to create the Biblical Ark of the Covenant.

The wooden of the tree can be used for making indoor furnishings, fences, wagonwheels, cages, pens, firewood and charcoal.

Acacia wood comes with a number of advantages:

As a result of of the big selection of colours, grains, texture, density and plank width of the wooden, you’ll find Acacia flooring and furnishings within the model that you just choose.

To provide some character and a contact of rustic and eclectic to your house, select a wooden with contrasting mild and darkish colours within the grain in addition to knots and patterns.

Because the colour of the wooden is kind of heat, it’s assured to cheer up and provides a welcoming air to any of your room, should you use the timber for flooring. The gorgeous heat amber to darkish mahogany colours additionally compliments different heat and earthy colours like purple, browns, maroon, beige and even some greens. Furnishings and textile in white, black and gray tones additionally deliver out the gorgeous golds and reds within the wooden.

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The wonderful thing about the wooden is that it immediately grabs consideration with out being too overwhelming.

To make your house much more stunning, you should use acacia wooden to make a staircase, that includes a stunning geometry of colours and patterns. In case you are not in a position to afford a complete staircase made of acacia wooden, take into account including a easy banister to set off the design.

When it’s time to renovate your house, acacia needs to be your most popular wooden. Though it’s a very coveted wooden, it’s so versatile and is available in so many colours and patterns that it retains your house trying distinctive.

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